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My name is Summer Bowers, and I am a nurse, massage therapist, mother, and wife.  The lables are endless!!  I have recently moved to Ohio County, Kentucky, to settle onto a homesteading property.  I am excited at the opportunity I have to serve the community and meet new friends!  

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My Story

As a child, I was very curious about people and the world at large.  For a majority of my younger years, I was also homeschooled, so I had the amazing opportunity to explore the vastness of the world's knowledge through books.   Many of my studies I was able to do at my preference and leisure, which gave me the freedom to customize my education (with guidance).

The human body, and thus the human condition, was always a highlight in my attention, and I knew I was destined to become a healer.  I became a single mother at the tender age of 15.  When I was only 16, I decided to get my GED and join the healthcare field.   I worked as a CNA, putting myself through college to be a nurse.


In January on 2019, another client of mine died.  I was sad and depressed, and knew I needed to change my career...  In 2020, with the support of my family, I joined massage therapy school, embracing healing touch in a time that many were saying "stay back 6 feet".  


We have all been blessed with the ability to heal ourselves, if we give our bodies the proper nutrients.  I work to restore the health of my clients through offering online nutritional counseling, shadow work guidance, personal body work, and alternative therapies.  As a dedicated Massage Therapist, I recognize the importance to ADDRESS THE ENTIRE INDIVIDUAL:  EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY.  (Or, as I like to say, Mind, Muscle, and Magic.)  I often recommend alternative methods for ongoing treatments, such as self development and deep breathing.  My mission is to assist in healing my clients and teach better, proven ways to play an intentional roll in their complete personal health.


Currently, I am looking for interested parties to share on my Podcast!  Drop me a line!


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