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Hello, Kentucky!!

Summer Bowers, here. I recently moved here from Montana...

In Montana we would jokingly call Montana: Montucky... not sure why, we just did. (My husband and I joked about Kentana, but that doesn't seem to have the same ring to it.) In all those years, I never thought I would move to Kentucky, but here I am...

I'm loving the community so far!! People seem friendly and down to earth. I like that. I'm looking forward to homesteading and meeting some new friends. The growing season is longer than in the Rocky Mountains, so I'm excited for that, too!! (I'm a plant mom.)

The Epic Life Center is a project culminating my entire life's experience. From young mother, to nursing student, to wife and then manual therapist, I have learned a lot. We all have, right? Some through pain, some through triumph, but every lesson resonates and leads me to my next opportunity.

I have been in healthcare for the past 21 years... 14 of those years I was a nurse and worked in various health care settings: Hospitals, schools, midwife clinics, private offices, and client homes. Deep down, none rang true to me... I wanted to be true to myself and guide others in a life of health and self discovery... so here I am!


Thank you, for being so kind!

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