New Massage Practice in Hartford, KY!

I've decided to launch my own massage practice in the small town of Hartford.

I'm excited to do my own thing and service a community with a need... while prioritizing my family and my own self care. The past few years I have radically changed how I see my personal self care. For the better, I believe.

A few years ago you did not see me attending a regular chiropractor. I was not eating so healthy or putting as many healthy things into my mind, either. My breath was shallow and I was numb from antidepressants. A few years ago I was waking in tears, anxiety, and pain.

Today, I look much different. I feel different, now. Bodywork and Breath work are a priority. I practice mindfulness and self care. Today, I am more in tuned with my body and mind than I have ever been.

Choosing to practice Massage Therapy was a large reason I made all these positive changes.

I want to share this gift with the world. I want to teach what I needed to know.

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