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The Intention of the Epic Life Center

With everything I do, I have learned to reflect on the intentions and the impact of my actions. Sometimes this happens after it is actually necessary, but that is why they call any thing worth doing a "practice".

So I sat down today to set an intention for how I wanted to use my space on the interwebs. What do I want to share? How do I want to portrait my brand? What is really important to me? AND finally: Where the hell am I going? What is my personal intention for life?!

I have been working full time for almost 21 years straight, and I can always remember wanting to be an entrepreneur. The fact that my professional licenses are both on hold only pushes me to do more here for my own goals and not for an employer (although, I fully intend to returning to massage therapy as soon as I get my Kentucky Massage Therapy License instated).

After a lot of contemplation, here is how I intend to use this space:

  1. Personal Platform. I like being in control of the content I produce. I like the fact that I can drop a F bomb and put some off colored humor into an uncomfortable situation and that's not going to end in my account being shut off...

  2. Women's Online Health Classes. This has been a passion of mine for a while, and I have enjoyed attending online teachings my entire adult\life. Covid only reinforced my desire to create and produce online classes to women in an easy going and real setting. NOT EVERYTHING WORKS FOR EVERYONE! I can teach you to evaluate your situation and identify new approaches of health and internal healing that you may have never considered. I plan to be unedited, so if you're insulted by profanity, the human body, or talking about poop, it's probably not for you (yes... I went THERE!)

  3. Healthy Tea Blends. In the past, I was always into coffee... Who am I kidding, I was OBSESSED with coffee! However, it is my opinion that being a coffee obsessed, yoga pants wearing mom (who never did yoga), and who suffers from anxiety and adrenal fatigue... well, it is my opinion that that stereotype has been all too much glorified at this point. I played that part and it was WAY overrated! I still drink coffee, but herbal teas are now a daily love of mine. I will offer them here!

  4. Tubby Teas. I have been creating my own blends of organic bath salts and "tubby teas," which contain organic flowers and oils that will be a treat for any self care routine! One of the best things you can do for your health is to monitir what goes into your body, AND that includes what goes on your skin! YOur skin is your largest organ! IF YOU DON"T BATHE AND TAKE PART IN PERSONAL BODY CARE, START!

  5. MERCH! As all the kiddies say, "buy my merch!" I have created a mug with my branding bee character on it, and I'll be adding to my merchandise in my shop as time goes on! If you love me, I hope you love my merchandise invest in my brand!

  6. Podcast. Did you know that here is currently over 2 MILLION podcast stations in existence! I must think I have something worth sharing with the world because I'm setting up shop to produce my own podcast where I plan to talk about all aspects of health, life, and love.

  7. Women's Circle Community. Currently I am setting up a community here women can go to have support, celebrate, and collaborate with other amazing women who are there to lift them up and appreciate them. I will have a platform on my page and also a FREE, PRIVATE FB group. I am still experimenting with the platform and planning the email stuffs... We will even plan LIVE ZOOM CALLS in the future!

I am excited, but SUPER NERVOUS! Close to "poop my pants nervous" (there I go again...)!

Join my FREE Women's Circle Email list where I will be sending support, special deals, and info on all the new classes I have been creating! I will send you an invite to our private group when you request it!

Stay Tuned!

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